Custom Corrugated Displays

Corrugated displays and cardboard floor display racks provide the unique ability to position products in a way that maximizes sales potential. Corrugated floor display racks provide an increased potential for point of sale (POS) within any retail environment, while delivering a colorful, attractive product display. Fully customized beverage racks and corrugated displays can also add extra product display space where permanent shelving is not located.
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Corrugated Display Benefits
There are numerous benefits associated with utilizing corrugated board for your floor display racks. Custom corrugated displays can be used in many retail settings, their main advantages include:

 Requires very little construction

  • Provides point of sale (POS) opportunities
  • Economically affordable
  • Fits into a wide range of room configurations
  • Concurrently stores & markets products
Fully Customized Corrugated Display Options
RFC Wire Forms can provide custom corrugated displays and beverage racks for numerous types of retail applications. Some of the corrugated displays that RFC can offer your company, include:
  • Four shelf, 62” retail beverage displays
  • Four shelf, 51” retail 2-liter beverage displays
  • Four shelf, 48” retail beverage displays

62” Four Shelf Retail Beverage Displays
These taller beverage racks have wide shelves and can provide point of sale (POS) advantages for numerous products including beverages, food, automotive products, sundry items and more. Corrugated displays can be placed in corners or any extra areas within your retail space.
51” retail 2-Liter beverage Displays
2-liter bottles are tall and need top shelf spacing or enough room in-between shelves for the products to be seen and easily removed for purchase. Custom corrugated displays that are specifically designed for 2-liter bottles provides extra space for a 2-liter bottles wide body, which provides product clarity and increases sales.
48” Four Shelf Retail Beverage Displays
RFC Wire Forms’ 48” four shelf retail beverage displays are ideal for shorter beverage items, such as aluminum cans and smaller volume plastic bottles. These items can be easily layered and lined up within the corrugated displays for convenient point of sale (POS) opportunities.

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