Publication Displays

Publication displays include indoor and outdoor magazine racks and newspaper stands that are used to display newspapers, magazines, brochures and other literature. Indoor commercial magazine racks are commonly manufactured from steel wire and outdoor publication displays are constructed of metal or plastic for durability and to protect publications from the elements.

Commercial Magazine & Newspaper Racks

Our magazine and newspaper racks are known for their quality construction, durability and high-impact appeal. RFC offers floor standing publication displays and counter racks in 5 categories and sizes.

We proudly provide commercial magazine racks and outdoor newspaper stands that are designed with a high impact look that provides the durability you need. RFC also offers custom sign plates, printed sign plate stickers and other accessories to accommodate publication masthead graphics or promotional insert cards on your publication display.

Publication Displays for Indoor and Outdoor Applications

RFC Wire Forms provides outdoor magazine racks and outdoor newspaper stands that are ideal for areas with high pedestrian traffic and other outdoor applications. These publication displays are available in heavy-duty metal and light weight polyethylene options with durable hinged doors and windows to provide a clear view of publications.
Our metal commercial magazine racks are manufactured to provide additional structural protection for sidewalk use, and our plastic outdoor magazine racks are resistant to moisture and corrosion and designed for protection from dents and deformation.
For indoor applications, RFC Wire Forms also offers a range of commercial magazine racks and publication displays. Our wire commercial magazine racks are offered in shelf and pocket options with a wide range of stacking capacities. We provide wire publication displays for all major media formats and sizes, including:

Request a quote for your publication displays today. Contact RFC for more information or view our catalog of commercial magazine racks.

Standard and Commercial Rack Features

RFC Wire Forms metal and plastic outdoor newspaper stands feature graphics panels for Mylar decals to customize your commercial magazine rack with your publication’s name and logo. Our wire publication displays also feature one or more sign plates, depending on the style selected, to create a custom look for displaying one or multiple publications.

In addition to standard commercial magazine racks, we offer custom racks that are designed and engineered based on your unique specifications. Our custom racks are available in wire form, plastic, metal and wood.

A Trusted Manufacturer of Publication Displays and Custom Racks 

Established in 1946, RFC Wire Forms was founded by young engineers Frank Renfro and John Franklin with a mission to provide high quality wire form products for Southern California customers. Originally their ambitions gained them a reputation for building sturdy wire cages for large industrial and ranching operations. However, their innovative design and precision fabrication techniques helped grow the firm and product line into a diverse line of metal, wood, and plastic products that today serves a variety of industries worldwide.

RFC specializes in short run orders, custom engineering, and UL and OSHA compliance standards. Contact us to discuss your customization needs or request a quote for your commercial magazine racks.